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The Effenaar is a pop music venue in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. It was founded in 1971 and has grown into one of the larger pop venues in the country. First it was located in an old linen factory, but since its succes grew enormously this location was not sufficient for the future. A new building has been designed by MVRDV, housing two music halls, a small and a large one. The audience capacity of the large hall is 1200. This hall is intended for use by larger bands and acts and is considerably larger than the hall in the original linen factory. The small hall in the new building has a capacity of
350, which is smaller than in the linen factory, however still sufficient considering the target group of smaller and/or local bands.
The design made by MVRDV has been evaluated and changed to better house the functions of the new Effenaar. Especially the routing towards and from the two music halls, including fire escapes, are a leading figure in this reshuffling. After the mutual connections were evaluated, technical drawings have been made.