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The world exposition of 1905 was held in the centre of Liege, Belgium. A large part of the buildings were located on the island in the Meuse. It is here, where a green park has been created as surrounding for these buildings, le parc de la Boverie. Since 1905 a lot of buildings built for the world expo have been demolished, most of them shortly after the exposition. The MAMAC, Musee d'Art moderne et d'Art contemporain, has not been demolished and it still functions as a museum of art until this day.The museum has a changing and a permanent collection, but due to the restrictions in size of the building, the permanent collection can never be shown. Therefor an extension is
needed. The demands have been studied, and implied on the existing building. To increase the capabilities of the museum, the basement has been extended and an extra volume has been created on the backside of the building. The changing and permanent collection have been seperated. The permanent collection has been housed in the basement, because it is light sensitive. The changing exhibition is located on the ground floor, together with the ticket sales and reception desk. By using the free area as seperation, the changing exhibition space can be divided in two, hence creating space for two different exhibitions.