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On 13th of november 2006 the demolishing of the water purifying plant on the ‘Zeeburgereiland‘, in ‘het IJ‘, near Amsterdam, started. The plant had to make way for new houses. The only thing remaining were 3 silo’s and 2 pumping stations. One of the silo’s has been redeveloped as a exhibition space, which will exhibit the development of this area from 1957. The original shape of the building is, as much as possible, maintained. This is shown in the facade, where there are very little openings.
The roof is the main element in the entry of daylight in the building. Using the
‘Program of Demands‘, a flowschedule and a lightsurvey, the best disposition of the rooms have been determined.
After the design had been completed, the technical part of the building has been computed. The construction of the floors and the roof have been examined. Some calculations have also been made to confirm the exact dimensions of the special glassed roof. This roof is constructed using the same principle as a wheel of a bicycle which is fixed horizontally. This makes the roof very slim and transparent.